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We design our shoes and gear to help you perform at peak level. If they're not working exactly right for you, we've got you covered. When you shop on we provide you 14 days (as determined by the date of signature) to return your purchases, confidently knowing you can return or exchange most products (see exceptions below) that meet our return and exchange criteria (see below for more information).

And remember, returns are free for Nike Members (complimentary return shipping is available through SF Express—shipping costs may be associated with using a different carrier).

Please note that orders shipping to addresses in Macau are not eligible for partial returns or exchanges, all items must be returned.


  • Early Access and Special Edition products may have their own return period. Be sure to refer to the individual terms and conditions when purchasing these products.
  • Nike Draw products purchased on can be returned or exchanged with seven days (as determined by the date of sign received). If purchased at a Nike store, be sure to inspect your product for flaws before purchasing. Once purchased, only products with a material flaw or defect will be accepted by the store.
  • Nike gift cards are not eligible for returns. Refer to our Nike gift card terms and conditions for additional information.
  • Some specific offers / promotion events, a full return & refund is required for the orders purchased during the event. You must return all the discounted products of the purchase. Partial return & refund will not be accepted.


How can I return or exchange my order?

If you’re a Nike Member, you can return or exchange your order by signing in to your Nike Member profile and starting the return or exchange from your orders page. If you shopped as guest, you can access your order by entering the email associated with your order and the order number. For more information, refer to “How do I return or exchange my order?” Please send the return product with the related return/exchange number to us as soon as you can. Our system will automatically cancel the return/ exchange application if we can’t receive the return product within 10 days from the creation date, otherwise we will not be able to process your return/ exchange request.

Products can be exchanged once for the same style and colour, unless they have a material flaw or defect. Items returned due to a material flaw or defect are subject to additional limitations. If you request to exchange the products, your return request cannot be accepted before the exchange is completed. If you have requested an exchange for any of the products in the order, you cannot request for further exchange in the same order until the existing exchange process is completed.

What is Nike’s return and exchange criteria?

Any product being returned or exchanged within the 14-day and 7-day unconditional return and exchange window must meet the conditions below to be accepted, and products must be unwashed and unworn (i.e. must be in the condition at the time of original purchase and meet the conditions for secondary sales.) If your return product does not meet the following conditions for secondary sales, we reserve the right to reject your return or exchange request, and will contact you by phone or email with the contact details in your order so as to return the product to you. If we are unable to make contact with you, we will return the product to the original delivery address of the order.

  • The product for returning/exchange is in a condition that can be sold again; the surface of the product has no scratches, damage and unused. The product should be keep in its original condition;
  • The outer packaging is intact, the shoe box has no tears, graffiti, the shoe box is not wrapped around the tape or the courier face is posted; besides, dotted line on some shoe box are packing design only, please do not tear along the dotted line or remove the layer of double sided tape inside the shoebox to meet the return and exchange conditions.
  • All related accessories (including warranty card, dust bag etc.) and all gift set provided must be included with your return.

For example, please find the details in here :

  • Shoes: The shoe box must be included and cannot have any tears, graffiti or markings, or tape wrapped around the box. The product certificate at the bottom of the box must be completely intact. Any footwear cannot have any scratches, wear (breaking) damage, bumps, signs of use, or disassembly. Additionally, footwear must be kept clean, dry, and unwashed.
  • Apparel: Any clothing or apparel must include any authenticity tags, any warranty card, and any labels (product and product care) with no signs of tearing or disassembly. In addition, products must not have any graffiti, markings, or stains. Items must be unwashed as well. Be sure to include any dustproof packaging originally included with your return or exchange.
  • Other Nike products: The original packaging, including any tags or accessories (including warranty card), must be kept intact (no markings, tearing, or disassembly). Any parts originally included must be complete and included with the product.

If any signs of damage to the shoebox, outer packaging, or to any products (including any accessories or parts) are present at the time of receipt, please contact us for assistance.

What products qualify for returns for any reason?

Before you return an product, be sure it meets the above criteria for product returns or exchanges. The following instances qualify for our 14-day return or exchange window:

  • Products with a manufacturing defect (may be subject to additional limitations)
  • Products whose colour, design, or materials are not consistent with their online description
  • Products that don’t fit or were purchased in the wrong size
  • There was an issue with the shipping process
  • You dislike the product
  • You purchased the wrong product
  • You receive a product flawed or with any quality defects. Such product may be returned only in accordance with the return/ exchange procedure for defective products and will be subject to additional limitations;
  • All products purchased during a Nike event must be returned, partial returns will not be accepted

What products don’t qualify for returns for any reason?

The following instances will not qualify for return or exchange:

  • Products that don’t meet our return or exchange product criteria for 14-day and 7-day unconditional returns and exchanges.
  • Any product that has been improperly used, including but not limited to, having touched extremely damp objects, chemicals, gasoline, paint, detergent, solvent, cooking oil, or having been overheated.
  • Any product with loose threads or materials, cracking caused by external scratches due to contact with hard objects and signs of internal wear and tear.
  • Product damage caused by use of product for longer than the service life.
  • Product damage caused by improper of washing.
  • Any colour fading due to displaying and exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Any product returned or exchanged with an unclean appearance.
  • Non-Nike products.
  • Products purchased from websites other than
  • Please note that some specific offers / promotion events, a full return & refund is required for the orders purchased during the event. You must return all the discounted products of the purchase. Partial return & refund will not be accepted. Orders shipping to addresses in Macau are not eligible for partial returns, all products on the order must be returned or exchanged.

How do I return my Apple Watch Nike?

You can return your watch by following the steps in “How do I return my Apple Watch Nike?” If you purchased a Sport Band or Sport Loop individually, follow our standard return steps.

Additional information

Defective products refund

If you find any defective or flawed product(s), refund is available if the suspected defective product(s) meet below conditions. Please contact us for further assistant & (/or) return arrangement

  • Nike shoes: Non-artificial damages; not caused by improper use or maintenance (e.g. Degumming, sole, back heel or upper separation), we accept claim request only within 90 days of receiving your purchase.
  • Any product contains electrical component(s): Any quality issues of electrical component(s) (e.g. electric motor, battery or charger etc.) not caused by artificial damages; improper use or maintenance, we accept the claim within 1 year of receiving your purchase.
  • Apparel and Equipment: Non-artificial damages; not caused by improper use or maintenance (e.g. zipper damage or prints come off), we accept claim request only within 90 days of receiving your purchase.
  • Apple Watch: Please contact Nike for further checking.

Kindly contact us for enquiry if your products are not mentioned above. If the suspected defective product(s) not meet above conditions, Nike are unable to accept the claim and reserves the right of final decision.


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