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NIKE product usage recommendations

These product usage recommendations are only suggestions for the selection, use, and maintenance of our products. These are not the only methods. Likewise, the suggestion of situations that should be avoided cannot cover all inappropriate use. Please take caution and avoid specific risks based on reasonable common sense. In addition, some NIKE footwear have unique innovative elements and may be equipped with different innovative components. The adoption of these new elements and new components will not only give you a new experience, but also require that you pay special attention to their special performance, maintenance requirements or specific product usage recommendations.

I. Instructions

NIKE sneakers are specially designed according to the characteristics, occasions and targets of different sports, such as: running shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, soccer shoes, outdoor sneakers. The appropriate shoes should be selected for different sports.

Trying on the shoes

There will be differences in the shape and size of each person's left foot and right foot. When buying shoes, be sure to try the shoes on both feet, to ensure that you choose the shoes with the right fit. Please note that wearing unsuitable shoes for prolonged period of time can cause deformation or injury to the feet, as well as damages to the ankles, knees, or other body parts.

While in use

Shoelace and heel

Be sure to tie your shoelace or fasten the touch fastener (except those for decorative purposes) when putting on the shoes, to a tightness that suits you, ensuring that your feet and body are adequately protected during exercise. When taking off the shoes, make sure to first loosen the shoelace or Velcro before taking off the shoes, to avoid the structural integrity of the heel from being deformed by pressure. The heel of the sneakers provides the important functions of fixation, coverage and support. Please do not step on the heels as if wearing slippers, to avoid deforming or damaging the heels, resulting in foot injuries.

Air cushioning

Air cushioning is manufactured by using a special process and technology to inject a specific gas into polymer materials, giving the shoes lightweight, good and long-lasting cushioning performance. Because of its special materials and structure, when wearing sneakers with air cushioning, do not make contact with materials such as acids, alkalis, oils, chemicals, or mediums that are hard, of high-temperature, high-heat, high-pressure, and so on, so as to avoid leakage and depressions of the air cushioning, thereby impacting the usage of the shoes. Note: the above precautions also apply to other footwear.


Since the sole material, structure, pattern, hardness, etc. of different types of sneakers will be varied, sole slippage may occur on slippery floors that are wet, have oil, detergent, or are covered with tile and marble, and other smooth ground conditions, or other weather conditions such as rain, snow, moisture, and cold. Please take caution when wearing the shoes and avoid slippage.

After use


If there are stains on the shoes, wipe them with a soft cloth dampened with water, and place them in a dry, well-ventilated place to dry. Do not use washing machines, detergents, and so on. Also, do not use any shoe polish. Please do not expose the shoes to direct sunlight, or dry them using a heater, hair dryer, etc., so as not to cause the shoe uppers to harden, deform, crack, or separation of the sole.


Regardless of whether the shoes are new or old, their materials will naturally age and decompose with time, resulting in stripping of the sole, peeling of the surface, and yellowing. If you need to store the shoes for a prolonged period of time, please be sure to clean the shoes, and then store them in a dry environment at room temperature, with regular ventilation and drying.


Sneakers are footwear with specific uses. Try to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for a prolonged period of time in order to keep them in good conditions and maintain their specific performance, thereby extending their useful life. In addition, it is recommended that shoes should be replaced based on the wear and tear of the shoes.

Cleaning instructions for clothing

  • Remove loose items from pockets, avoid contact with sharp, rough objects while washing;
  • Please wash clothing in strict accordance with the method indicated on the clothing label;
  • It is recommended that clothing of different colors be washed separately;
  • Avoid contact with acids, alkalis, oils, and corrosive chemicals;
  • It is advisable to dry clothes inside out, at a cool, ventilated place, and avoid exposure to sunlight;

II. Product Information

  • Note that NIKE products in the same style but different colors may have slight differences in their materials, etc. The contents of the product introductions on this page are for reference only. Please refer to the actual products for specific product information.
  • NIKE Flyknit is a shoe upper made of polyester yarn. Not only is it lightweight, elastic, and durable, but it also improves the breathability of the upper through the holes formed by the natural weave pattern. Due to the special nature of Flyknit's upper material and manufacturing process, the patterns and colors present on the left and right shoes may not be exactly the same.
  • Air cushioning is an innovative technology applied to the manufacturing of air-cushioned footwear. It is fabricated by injecting special gases into special polymer materials under specific manufacturing conditions. It provides good cushioning to footwear products while being lightweight. Because of its special design and construction, as well as the limitations of current technology, if the air cushioning is ruptured or damaged, it cannot be repaired. Therefore, we would like to remind consumers in particular to avoid contact with materials such as acids, alkalis, oils, chemicals, as well as mediums that are hard, of high-temperature, high-heat, high-pressure, and so on, so as to avoid leakage and depressions of the air cushioning, thereby impacting the usage of the shoes.