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Common Q&A Regarding Purchases

Online Shopping

The product I am interested is out of stock, is there a restocking notification service?
Under what circumstances the products are “sold out”?
Why can’t I purchase a special edition product?


I purchased products as a guest, may I cancel the order?
How do I inquire about the processing of order?
Can I change or cancel the on-line order?
Why I cannot place an order after making cancellation of order?
Can I change the color, size, shipping address, contact number or other information of my order?
What to do if I place the same order repeatedly within two days?

Shipping And Pick Up

How many days will it take to receive the product after an order is placed?
Can the distribution reach other countries and regions outside of Hong Kong?
How shall I take delivery of product from a convenience store or a staffed location of S.F. Express?
What to do if the product has not been picked up within the required period of time?
Can I change the distribution methods?
What is the time of the home delivery at the latest?
What to do if I did not get the “pick-up” short message?
Why the “pick-up” short message is received again after the product has been picked up?
What to do if the relevant personnel said there is no product ordered by me when I went to the convenience store or S.F. Express outlet to take delivery?
Why did my products in the same order ship separately?

Product information

NIKE product usage recommendations


How long will it take to complete the refund?
Can the payment un-refunded be used to offset against a new order?
What to do if I find that the product received is not the product I ordered after I take delivery?
Which account the money will be refunded to?

Member Management

Is my member information safe?


Who is eligible?
How do I participate?
How will the eligibility to purchase launch product be provided?
What is the recipient required to do?
What can I receive?
Entrant’s Personal Information
Do I need a membership to enter the draw?
How many times can I enter the draw?
Do I need a Facebook account to enter the draw?
How often are the draws?
Will I get to see the upcoming draw product?
I'm not receiving the SMS
Lucky Draw Return Policy